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Looking to start a village?


SquareOne provides consulting services to help you along the way!  Start the conversation by scheduling an initial consultation below...

Our Approach...


In the absence of federal and state resources to adequately address our prolonged housing crisis, SquareOne focuses on developing local, community-driven shelter and housing initiatives.


We believe that building a village should be a collaborative process. Our research and experience has shown that involving local community members and future residents in the development process creates a stronger sense of ownership that has the ability to:

  1. respond to needs and desires specific to the local community,

  2. draw on additional support and resources that already exist within the community, and

  3. overcome the common "not in my backyard" (NIMBY) opposition, and build broad political support


SquareOne provides consulting services to assist these initiatives in achieving their goal of starting a successful tiny house village. We offer technical assistance and experience in developing a workable plan, building public support for that plan, and implementing the plan.


Intended for groups actively planning a village, or those who are simply village curious. Have your questions answered by SquareOne staff, and learn more about ongoing consulting and partnership opportunities with SquareOne.

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