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Mistakes in preparing for a presentation

Despite the fact that a report is the most popular form of reporting not only for a student, but also for a schoolchild, students still continue to make a number of mistakes when preparing this work.

Speech without preparation Many students believe that it is not necessary to read a report before a speech, to work out difficult passages. But in this case, the speech will be uncertain and filled with empty sentences.

Reading from a sheet Reading from a sheet is weaned at school. At the university, this is already an unspoken ban. Indeed, with such a speech, there is no trust in the speaker, and his monotonous speech only makes you want to sleep.

Questions during a speech When listeners ask questions to the speaker, it's good. This means that the information caused a resonance and is interesting to the audience. But it is not necessary to answer questions during the speech. This can knock down the trodden path, there is a chance to forget what was said before and not be able to turn back. Therefore, it is worth warning the audience that you will answer all questions after the presentation.

Read fast or slow Speech speed needs to be adjusted. This will help rehearsing before the performance. Fast speech is difficult to catch, especially when the information is scientific, and slow speech pulls you to sleep.

Long sentences A written report must be drawn up in accordance with all the canons and written in scientific language says writers from the writing service like free essay writer. But the oral should be corrected into a format that is easier to understand. Therefore, you need to get rid of complex structures and long sentences so that information is easily absorbed.