As we face our nation’s housing crisis, cities are struggling to accommodate a growing population in neighborhoods zoned exclusively for low-density, single-family housing—which comprises roughly two-thirds of the existing housing stock in Oregon.

The Co-op Revillaging Project reimagines our neighborhoods as vibrant communities capable of supporting a diversity of housing types that are affordable to a broader mix of people. This collaboration between Cultivate and SquareOne Villages puts forth a housing development model for creating shared homeownership opportunities on typical residential lots. 

This vision is supported by historic legsliation: Oregon recently became the first state to ban single-family zoning, requiring cities to allow more dwellings per lot. To build on this momentum, we have planned a pilot project in Springfield, known as the C Street Co-op, for putting this vision into action.

The pilot project will create six one-bedroom suites with private access in a single-family house and an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Total costs are estimated at $545,000 ($90,000 per unit). In order to improve scalability, the project will be primarily funded through social investors earning a modest return. But, by bringing $140,000 in subsidies to the project ($23,333 per unit), SquareOne can make these new homeownership opportunities permanently affordable to people earning 60% of the area median income.

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