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Community Land Trust










In a Community Land Trust (CLT) model, ownership of the land is separated out from ownership of the buildings.

SquareOne CLT Mission: 

To acquire and hold land in trust in order to provide for permanently affordable housing with the objective of forever removing the land from the speculative market. Homes shall be built and lands shall be used in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner.

How is Affordability Protected?

SquareOne Villages has adopted model bylaws from the CLT Technical  Manual that restrict the sale of land and provide long-term affordability controls within our ground leases. We are also in the process of adding 1/3 representation from residents that live in housing on our land to our Board of Directors.

Help us Grow the SquareOne CLT!

If you  may be interested in donating or selling land to the SquareOne Community Land Trust, please contact us!

Cooperative Land Trust Housing

The cooperative land trust housing developed by SquareOne Villages combines a housing co-op with a community land trust. In this hybrid ownership structure, SquareOne retains ownership of the underlying  land, while the members of the co-op own (or sometimes lease) and manage the housing on the land. A long-term ground lease ties the interests of both parties together, creating a partnership that helps support the co-op and protect permanent afforadbility.

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