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SquareOne Pods

Our SquareOne Pods provide a quick and cost-effective method for supplying safe, dignified, non-congregate shelter. They feature a 96 square foot living space with a front porch, designed to be easily movable to fit at a variety of sites.

SquareOne SleepingPod.jpg



SquareOne Pods offer a competitive price point when compared to Pallet Shelters, while making significant improvements on durability, energy efficiency, and comfort.


To build the Pods, we lease a shop space where our carpenters work alongside teens from Connected Lane County that are interested in learning the construction trades.

We've also partnered with and trained shop instructors at high schools throughout Lane County to build these shelters during the 2022-2023 school year, as part of the Constructing a Brighter Future program.

Contact Us to purchase a completed Pod or supply a site for one or more Pods!

Want to build your own? Get the plan set by signing up for a Village Builder membership!

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