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Tiny House Plans

   [ 12x16 ] SquareOne Plans   


This 192 square foot tiny house is the smallest design featured at our Cottage Village project. These plans were permitted for construction as a permanent single-family dwelling under the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. Your local building department may have specific requirements in addition to what is included in this plan set. 


It includes an 88 square foot sleeping loft with egress window, designed to meet the standards of the new Tiny House Appendix adopted in the 2018 International Residential Code. The plans feature a stem wall foundation, 2x6 wall framing with R-21 Insulation, and 2x12 roof framing with R-38 Insulation. The plans also include a framing and siding material list with pricing from a local lumber yard here in Eugene, Oregon.

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   Architect Designed Plans    

The tiny house construction documents featured below were each designed by an architect and permitted as a permanent single-family dwelling as part of our Emerald Village project in Eugene, Oregon. Each plan set is sold for $500 and helps support the mission of SquareOne Villages.

All house plans are drawn to scale and designed to conform to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. Your local building department may have specific requirements in addition to what is included in these plan sets. 


Each plan set includes:​ (1) Cover Sheet; (2)  Floor Plan; (3) Foundation Plan, (4) Roof Framing Plans; (5) Exterior Elevations; (6) Building Sections; (7) Building Details; (8) Door/Window Schedule; and (9) Electrical plan.


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   Opportunity Village Sleeping Pod    

The Opportunity Village sleeping pod design offers an ultra-simple, low-cost housing option. They are composed of modular panels that utilize standard dimensions of lumber and 4x8 sheets of plywood. The technique reduces waste and easily accommodates volunteer labor. To build Opportunity Villages we constructed the panels off site, and then transported the panels to the site for a barn raising on the last Saturday of the month.


This example is 80 sq. ft. but panels can be added, subtracted, or rearranged to create any desired size. ​We built them on pier blocks so that they can be picked up and moved on a flat bed trailer when necessary.

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