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the critical steps to starting a village,

and tools for getting started!

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   Tiny House Plans   


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   Village Collaborative Network   


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The Village Collaborative Network was created in an effort to connect, inform, and encourage collaboration amongst the various groups working towards a common vision of implementing the village model. Click the map below to see what's listed in your area, and be sure to add your info using the forms below!

If you're currently working at, working on, or looking to work on a tiny house village in your community.

If you've formed a group and have started a village or are actively in the process of starting a village.

the Village Collaborative Facebook Group is a one stop place to ask questions, introduce what you're  working on, share resources, and collaborate with others on a similar pursuit.

Written by our co-founder and project director, Tent City Urbanism is an essential read for anyone looking to start a village. Significant discounts are available for quantity orders so that you can easily share these ideas with friends, colleagues, and public officials to help start the conversation in your community!

The Village Passport is a 76 page booklet documenting nine existing tiny house villages to help you better understand the barriers faced throughout the process, and the strategies deployed by these successful initiatives. Get a free digital download by becoming a Member!



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