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Andrew Heben presentatin in Albuquerque New Mexico

SquareOne Villages delivering a presentation 

in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Build the political will in your community by hosting a presentation with SquareOne Villages. We'll share our experiences in planning & developing our villages and respond to any questions or concerns that members of your community may have.


We've found this to be an effective way to catalyze a local conversation around launching a village, and to mobilize a group of citizens that are ready to put in the work to make it happen.

"It Takes a Community to Raise a Village"

Slide Presenation

This 50-minute slide presentation by SquareOne Villages project director, Andrew Heben, provides an inspiring overview of the village model—combining research from his Tent City Urbanism book with an on-the-ground journey into which the rest of us our invited.

The "It Takes a Community to Raise a Village" presentation covers the founding of two models for bridging the existing gap between the street and traditional housing options—Opportunity Village and Emerald Village—with the hopes of providing inspiration on how your local community can raise a successful tiny house village.

Get access to the powerpoint slides and a video of the presentation that you can share with others with our Village Builder membership


Village Roadmap Workshop

In 2017, SquareOne received a capacity building grant from Meyer Memorial Trust to develop a training curriculum for assisting other groups interested in starting a village.


As a result, we are offering the first part of our Village Roadmap Workshop Series to six different groups throughout Oregon this in 2018. The intended outcome of this initial workshop is to establish an informed group with an initial vision for what they want to achieve, and strategies for communicating that vision to the larger community in order to get their village built.

Contact us to discuss scheduling an in-person  workshop in your community.

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