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In The News

      Select articles and videos featuring our work...   

September 2020

Cottage Grove Sentinel  — "Cottage Village welcomes first residents"

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  • Smart Magazine —  "Tiny House, Huge Opportunities" 


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  • The Union  —  "Nevada County seeks to create homeless village"


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Organizational Timeline

A brief overview of the path that got us here...

Jun. 2015   

Oct. 2014   

Aug. 2014   

May 2014   

Aug. 2013   

Dec. 2012   

Oct. 2012   

Mar. 2012   

Opportunity Eugene Task Force on Homeless Solutions makes recommendation to City Council to establish a safe and secure place to be, independently financed with oversight by a non-profit organization


Opportunity Village Eugene incorporates as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


Eugene City Council directs City staff to identify potential sites for Task Force reccomendation


Eugene City Council directs City staff to take the steps necessary to locate a pilot "micro-housing project for the homeless" on one-acre of City-owned land at 111 N. Garfield St.


Conditional use permit approved for Opportunity Village pilot project with no opposition present at final hearing


Opportunity Village ribbon cutting ceremony, first dozen residents move-in


Opportunity Village open house held following nine months of incremental construction

Opportunity Village celebrates one-year of operation—watch the slideshow


Eugene City Council votes 8-0 to renew Opportunity Village lease through June 2016


Property purchased for Emerald Village


Name of non-profit changed from Opportunity Village Eugene to SquareOne Villages

Partnership formed with Cottage Village Coalition

Publication of the Village TOOLBOX

Property purchased for Cottage Village

Site development begins at Emerald Village

Led advocacy effort to pass HB2737, to establish standards for building tiny houses legally in Oregon

First residents move-in at Emerald Vilage

Conducted presentations and workshops in a dozen different cities and counties in Oregon

Tiny house Appendix adopted in Oregon Residential Building Code.

Awarded 1 Million Months Challenge Grant to research & Develop our Village Model

First walls raised at Cottage Village

First residents move-in at Cottage Village


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Mar. 2017   

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Sept. 2020   

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Mar. 2019   

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