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Peace Village Co-op


A scalable model for adaptively re-using an underutilized church property to develop a tiny home cooperative, permanently affordable to people with low-incomes.

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Size: 36 units on 1.8 acres

Status: Pre-development

Target Population: 30-50% area median income


UPDATE (March 2021): 

 Peace Presbyterian Church approached SquareOne Villages in early 2020 with an interest in partitioning and selling the 1.8 acres of vacant land between the existing church buildings and River Road. In order to avoid unanticipated costs triggered by the City's partition process, the Church has since offered to sell the entire 3.6 acre property, including the existing buildings, to SquareOne for a below market price.


As a result, we are currently in the process of revising and expanding the plans for Peace Village (shown in the Project Overview referenced above) from 36 units to approximately 64 units, and utilizing the roughly 9,000 square feet of existing buildings as generous common facilities.

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