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Rosa Village

Meeting immediate needs in our community while making progress towards a long-term solution.

Location: 2243 Roosevelt Blvd, Eugene, Oregon

Status: Pre-development


In 2020, SquareOne received a generous donation of a 3.4 acre property at 2243 Roosevelt Blvd. on which we are building Rosa Village.


Since large housing developments can take several years to develop, this project attempts to meet immediate needs in our community while also making progress towards long-term plans to build permantly affordable cooperative housing at Rosa Village.

Beginning in 2021, SquareOne partnered with the City of Eugene and Carry it Forward to develop and operate a Safe Sleep Site on part of the property with 40 Conesgota Huts and Pallet Shelters. Meanwhile, we leased shop space across the street and began building more durable shelters that we call SquareOne Pods (pictured below) to replace the 10-year old tiny homes at Opportunity Village Eugene.

SquareOne SleepingPod.jpg


After 10 years on the city-owned property at 111 Garfield Street, we learned that Opportunity Village would have to be relocated because the city has plans to build a public works facility on the property. And so we have decided to relocate Opportunity Village to a permanent home on the northern half of our Rosa Village site beginning in August 2023.

We are also currently in the early stages of a planning our next permanently affordable housing co-op to be developed on the southern half the site.

A schematic site plan for co-locating both Opportunity Village and Rosa Village Co-op is shown below.

Rosa Site Schematic - April 2023 AH.jpg
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