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SquareOne SleepingPods

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SquareOne Villages builds high-quality, energy efficient, non-congregate shelters, known as SleepingPods.

The 8x12ft living space


Our Build Team


 sleeping shelters, called SleepingPods. Once constructed, these units will be placed in shelter sites owned by SquareOne across Lane County.


SquareOne has partnered with Lane Education Service District, Connected Lane County, Lane Community College, and several Lane County High Schools to assist in building more of these units.

Schools building SleepingPods during 2022-2023 include Cottage Grove, Mapleton, and McKenzie River High Schools. The LCC construction trades program will build two SleepingPods and students in the Eugene 4J school district is also building one. Oakridge High School will start building a unit in late November/early December.


All of us at SquareOne are thrilled to be working with these partners to assist in building sleeping shelters. We look forward to high school students getting hand-on experience in the trades while also being involved in such an important project!


We are seeking grants and donations to cover the cost of materials and labor. Material costs are about $6k per shelter and labor is another $7k/shelter, our current goal is to build 36 units. Please consider making a donation today at and select "shelter construction" as the designation.

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