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Emerald Village—Summer Update

In late May, we landed a site for the upcoming Emerald Village Eugene, and we've been very busy ever since! It is taking us a little longer than we originally hoped to get everything lined up for this innovative project, but it is all slowly coming together.

Currently we're developing a site plan for the property on N. Polk Street, and have been working in collaboration with local architect teams that will each be designing, sourcing the materials, and leading the building of one of the tiny houses at Emerald Village.

So far, the design teams include Arbor South Architecture, Rainbow Valley, Michael Fifield, Will Dixon, Dustrud Architecture, Nir Pearlson, The Urban Collaborative, and Backyard Bungalows.

We are now looking at construction starting in early spring 2016, but we would like to start the application process this fall so that we can work with the selected residents in advance, similar to our process with Opportunity Village. We'll also be building the first tiny house for the village this fall in our shop.

In addition to the physical design of the site, we're also working on the legal documents to develop an innovative model of shared equity homeownership. Local attorneys Gerry Gaydos and Patrick Neill are providing support on this end.

And as we move forward, we intend to continue to work in partnership with the Whiteaker Community Council—to develop a project that will be an overall asset to the neighborhood.

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