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Hiring a Village Coordinator

SquareOne Villages is looking to hire a quarter-time staff person to serve as the Village Coordinator for Opportunity Village Eugene, a self-governed community of 30 to 35 adults seeking to transition out of homelessness. Pay range is $15 to $17/hour. The hours are flexible. Applicants should have some experience working with the homeless or in related fields of social work. Please see the complete job description below for more information. To apply, please submit your resumé with a cover letter stating any experience you have working with the homeless and why you believe you would be a good fit for this position. Also include at least two references. The position will remain open until filled. Mail the letter and resumé to SquareOne Villages, c/o CALC, 458 Blair Blvd, Eugene 97402 or e-mail as a PDF to



Reports to: Executive Director

Collaborates with: Project Director

Directly Supervises: None

Status: Quarter-time FTE, flexible hours

Pay scale: $15 - $17/hour

The Mission of SquareOne Villages

To create self-managed communities of low-cost tiny houses for those in need of housing.

Job Summary

Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE), is a transitional micro-housing project.

This staff position will work with residents of OVE to organize and maintain essential

functions of village and assist with occasional administrative tasks for SquareOne

Villages as needed.

Essential Functions

  • Provide non-resident presence at OVE

  • Assist and Advise the Village and its leadership on adherence to, and enforcement of, the Village Manual and Operating Agreement with the City of Eugene; on the organization and maintenance of gate and bathroom cleaning schedules; the management of incident reports; the maintenance of meeting minutes and attendance records; the facilitation of key Village Meetings and leadership meetings; scheduling and supervision of safety inspections and fire drills.

  • Provide reports to Board and Staff regarding OVE community life

  • Organize purchase of supplies

  • Provide oversight to OVE Treasury

  • Maintain village e-mail, phone, office computer and printer

  • Serve as a point of contact for outside community groups and services that provide assistance or training to OVE residents

  • Serve as a point of contact for volunteers and maintain volunteer records

  • Assist with Support Committee, Vetting Committee, and other committees as needed

Other Responsibilities

  • Assist with fundraising efforts for all SOV projects

  • Respond to emergencies and urgent needs at OVE

  • Assist with other administrative tasks of SOV as needed

Desired Qualifications:

  • Significant experience working with those who have been homeless or marginalized

  • Demonstrated experience in administrative duties, community relations, and collaboration with multiple local community organizations and initiatives.

  • Commitment to social justice for people living in poverty, and a thoughtful approach to strategies for achieving it

  • Excellent interpersonal skills including ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, and ability to stay neutral and unbiased in approaching conflict

  • Basic computer literacy, especially knowledge of word processing and data entry software

  • Education: Diploma, B.A. preferred

  • An Oregon driver’s license and a vehicle (with proof of insurance) or regular access to one

Mail cover leter and resumé to:

SquareOne Villages

c/o CALC

458 Blair Blvd

Eugene OR 97402

Or email as a PDF to

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