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Construction Internship Program

We are excited to launch our Construction Internship Program to help build our Cottage Village development, a 13-unit affordable tiny house community being built in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Often times people spend lots of time and money learning how to build their own tiny home, and are still left wondering how all the pieces come together. This internship provides the opportunity to work and learn alongside our team of experienced builders, allowing you to develop knowledge and skills that you can take with you into a career or your own tiny home build.

And as you learn to build a village from the ground up, you're efforts will be supporting a growing movement to use tiny homes to provide affordable and sustainable housing options to those in need.

When: Applications are currently be accepted on a rolling basis throughought the duration of construction at Cottage Village. You will specify your availability in the application.

Duration: We ask that you commit to an internship of between 8 and 10 weeks, with 32 - 40 hours of work per week on the job site. Construction interns generally work from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on designated work days.

Accommodations: We may be able to assist in finding accommodations if needed, please inquire about available options.

Stipend: We also provide a modest $200 / month stipend during your internship.

Qualifications and Expectations:

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Able to provide your own transportation

  • Begin internship on an agreed upon date and stay with the program for the entire agreed upon duration (8 to 10 weeks)

  • Some existing building or construction experience is a plus

  • A desire to learn and be a part of a team

  • Adhere to all policies of the SquareOne Villages and local laws

  • Project a positive community image and participate with an attitude of cooperation, respect for others, and willingness to learn

  • Submit a program evaluation towards the end of your time to help improve our program

What you will Learn:

Interns are expected to put in 32 - 40 hours per week on the jobsite, being trained and supported under the guidance of SquareOne's lead carpenters. You will come away with confidence and knowledge of reading plans, construction layout, preparation, execution and much more. We will also make an effort to provide additional learning sessions on specific topics if requested.

The internship will cover a variety of building skills and tasks that may include site preparation, foundation work, framing, roofing, siding, insulation, interior finish, and other activities necessary to complete a home for occupancy. Interns do not do hands on electric or plumbing installation due to licensing requirements.

The building seasons are subject to some variability, as the schedule of any build is dependent on many factors, such as weather and unforeseeable build challenges. However, we assure that you will be an integral part of the build team and will gain a considerable amount of construction experience.

Our program is intended to bevery team-oriented. Interns work together on site and will get to know our future residents, community volunteers, and neighbors quite well as they work with them side by side in the creation of the village. Thus there will be many opportunities to make new friends, perhaps volunteer with other outstanding organizations in the Cottage Grove/Eugene area, and invest a little piece of yourself into our SquareOne Villages community.


Cottage Grove, Oregon is a beautiful town situated on the Coast Fork of the Willamette river. It is easy to bike anywhere around town from the site. During the summer there is a lot to do and many local events as well as being only 20 minutes on I-5 from Eugene.


To Apply:

To apply for a Construction Internship, please complete the online application:

Feel free to contact us at with questions.

We will be accepting applications throughout the construction of Cottage Village, and will update this post once we are no longer accepting applications.


The videos below feature our previous but similar project, Emerald Village, to provide you with some context to our mission and work:

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