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Help Cottage Village Across The Finish Line!

Cottage Village only has $48,000 left to raise to finish the last four homes and convert the single family home on the property into the community center. There is still $24,000 left from the matching grant from the Storms Family Foundation, which means all gifts are DOUBLED. You can give HERE or by mail at 15 N. Polk St. Eugene, OR 97402. All gifts over $500 will be recognized on the Cottage Village donor wall.

The first nine of 13 tiny homes were completed last August and residents moved in September 2020. With the Storms grant and matching donations, completion of the remaining homes and community center is in sight. SquareOne hopes to raise the rest of the funds locally to finish out this project by this summer.

Four of the residents who moved in last September were in the midst of navigating homelessness and all of them were struggling with the crippling cost of housing. One resident, Fawn, had been putting off her hip replacement surgery because she was homeless and had no place to recover. She is recovering well from the surgery and gets to see her grandchildren much more often now that she has a home.

Another resident, Aislinn, was homeless for two years before coming to Cottage Village. She explains, “We have an amazing group of people who just want this place to thrive and people have really gone out of their way to work together in learning to operate this housing cooperative. It’s all been such an incredible experience.”

SquareOne’s Director of Community & Program Development, Jeff Albanese, along with the recently hired Cottage Village Coordinator, Beth Martin, assist in teaching the current residents how to form and operate a housing cooperative.

If you’d like to tour the village, please contact SquareOne’s Community Relations Director Amanda Dellinger at



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