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Sharing our model throughout Oregon

In 2017, SquareOne Villages received a capacity building grant from Meyer Memorial Trust, allowing us to develop a training curriculum for assisting other groups in starting up a tiny house village. As a result, we had conducted presentations and workshops to share our model in a dozen different Oregon cities by the end of 2018.

The client groups we worked with included newly formed citizen coalitions, existing nonprofits, churches, and municipalities. In doing so, we helped to inform a variety of new and innovative housing initiatives outside of the conventional affordable housing industry. Through this work we learned that there is broad interest from a diverse range of groups and individuals to develop more shelter and housing options within their local community. However, conventional development offers few opportunities for engaging and utilizing this population in the process.

Our village model seeks to build collaborative citizen coalitions that not only assist in developing more shelter and housing options, but also help to generate a broader, more inclusive housing conversation within their community. We believe that these types of initiatives have the power to break down common stereotypes and strengthen the overall housing sector.

See a listing off the various Oregon cities we worked with below, and learn more about the presentations & workshops we offer here.

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