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A Choice in the Matter

“I had a choice – to stay in an abusive, dark life with my family and friends, or leave it behind.”

– Dale, Opportunity Village Resident.

When Dale was asked how he realized he had that choice, he smiled and looked over at his partner, April, and said simply, “her – she saved my life.” Dale explained that he’s still getting used to living at Opportunity Village, where many people are genuinely kind and care about his success, it’s something still foreign.

For three months, Dale and April have lived in Opportunity Village, SquareOne’s first project, a transitional tiny house village. Dale explained that since they have a safe place to shower, wash their clothes, make food, sleep, lock up their things, and just to BE, he’s “been promoted into a management position at work” and is “able to keep moving up and gaining new certifications and skills.”

April explained, “I knew I wanted to go back to school for a long time but didn’t feel I could; having a place to live helped me know I could do it.” Now that they have the stability to focus on how they want to move forward, she has connected with a technical job training program at Lane Community College to pursue a career in a subject she loves.

The two of them have driven to the coast to walk along the beach and celebrate all that they have accomplished in such a short time. April explains, “it’s been like a domino effect since we moved in here.” They are so full of light and hope that they inspire us to work hard to share our vision with our community and beyond.

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